Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ObamaCare on it's 5th Anniversary

Here is the reality of Obamacare on the 5th anniversary of it's enactment. These are pretty much on target with the sentiment across America. Latest Rasmussen poll has the country 58% to 42% in favor of repealing ObamaCare in it's entirety.

The SCOTUS case King v. Burwell has been argued and is being debated among the judges in order to arrive at a decision.  Applying the letter of the law they should render a decision which will eliminate the subsidies in the 30+ states which have not created state run health Care exchanges.  This will effectively gut the law and show ObamaCare for what it is, a communist inspired income redistribution scheme which is as anti American as any law ever written in the history of America.  The sooner it goes away, the better off the entire country will be.

Comments from the Western Journalism article titled "Obamacare's fate?":
Comment #1:
"never before has Government hounded and persisted in insisting compliance as they have with this Obamacare issue. They have failed to meet expectations, so instead of revisiting the law, they push back deadlines, yet again and again. When unions complained of unfair treatment, special exceptions were instituted. All the while, the very people who voted this garbage into law are themselves exempt! Don't know about anyone else, but this skunk stinks so why not call it as you smell it?"
Comment #2"
LIES LIES LIES AND MORE LIES...it's working if you like losing your doctor. period. it's working if you like losing your policy. period. it's working if you like not saving the $2500 per yr the president said you would save per family
can i believe anything else coming out of this white house???
as a life long democrat i suggest the obama administration and democratic senate scramble to grunt obamacare into the toliet and flush it like you would any unwanted feces. it's that bad. if they can not see this, they are in denial and doomed to being the minority party in the future. take care of the few that have no insurance and get out of the way for the rest. why are you screwing 90% to help the 10%??? no $2500 dollar savings for anyone i know. most are double triple increases, unless you are poor or illegal.... and on medicaid that gives substandard care. time to wake up my fellow democrats......time to wake up america."

Yes America, it is time to wake up.  The more the government takes the more America becomes a second class nation.  We need to eliminate the travesty which is ObamaCare and replace it with a market centered private insurance system in which the individual owns and manages their policies.  One in which you the individual decide what is right for you and your family and you the individual chooses the doctor who is right for you and your family.  The reality of ObamaCare is that you no longer have this right.  We as a nation must eliminate ObamaCare in order to regain our rights as individuals.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Yesterday the SCOTUS heard the King vs. Burwell case concerning the legality of ObamaCare subsidies in states which did not establish individual coops. While the judges questioning and commentary doesn't lend itself to an indication of how they will rule in June, it was an interesting case ion which the justices went to what I consider extremes to justify their seemingly preconceived positions.
Regardless of the outcome, the bottom line is that ObamaCare is EXTREMELY BAD law EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE and doesn't begin to cut costs or solve the issue of the uninsured. Because of this it should be repealed immediately.
Here is a true estimation of the costs involved...