Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Global Warming around the Globe

Did anyone see this Eugene Robinson editorial in the Post yesterday?

He makes the claim that what global warming "deniers" are missing is that no matter how cold it is in one part of the world, the globe is much bigger and there are record heat waves in Australia right now so that proves human caused global warming.

Of course the "deniers" among us have been making the same point regarding the cooling trend for years.  He doesn't mention the fact that for every example of global warming, human caused or otherwise, there have been an equal number of record cold spells in other areas of the world.

I have been pointing this out for years, but it is only now when the sycophantic media has been totally embarrassed by algore's rant about how by this year we would experience a complete loss of all arctic ice and a sea level increase of about 3 inches, that they begin to make the global argument. 

I also find it interesting that Robinson uses Australia as his example. Australia is one of the most remote and relatively underdeveloped islands on the face of the earth.  Excepting perhaps Madasscar or and the Galapagos, Australia is just about the least likely place on earth to be directly affected by the human emissions of global warming.  And we certainly aren't seeing a rapid and increasing incidence of vegetation growth in Australia which would be indicative of the increasing CO2 emissions. Listening to Mr. Robinson you would think that the infusion of people from around the globe who are breathing while watching the Australian Open tennis tournament caused the extreme heat wave there.

The world we inhabit may, as some studies indicate, be warming.  As other studies indicate, it has been cooling for the past 15+ years, but there is no FACTUAL basis for the claim that the change in climate conditions is directly caused by humans. It truly would be nice if at some point, somewhere, some scientists would apply common sense and actual observation to reach conclusions rather than relying on staged computer models to develop their "Facts".

It would be equally refreshing if the editorial writers in the country's newspapers and even the President of the United States would be responsible enough to cut the demagoguery and speak the truth. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

The IRS and why we never see Tax Reform

There is little doubt that we in America, now have the most repressive and burdensome tax system in the world.  It is used by politicians to engineer social policy and as a Garrot around the necks of those who oppose their positions.  This is why there is so much resistance from politicians of both established parties to reforming it.  Question...Why do we need more than 70,000 pages of tax regulations in order to collect the FEDERAL income tax?  Does anyone doubt that it is necessary in order for politicians to punish those who oppose their pet projects and policies?  Senator Chuck Schumer stated, “It is clear that we will not pass anything legislatively as long as the House of Representatives is in Republican control, but there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies – we must redouble those efforts immediately.”

Schumer’s rant was centered on his war to annihilate the Tea Party. But here’s a thought provoking question from a friend, if there was never any IRS or government agency actions against conservative groups, what exactly is being redoubled?

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