Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Second Amendment Parsing by the Biased Media

Since Trumps rally in NH yesterday, the media has been having a field day accusing him of suggesting that 2nd amendment advocates might take action into their own hands and commit an act of violence against her. To anyone who actually listened to his speech and listened to it in context to the rest of the few paragraphs before and after, it would be nothing more than it was  --  a suggestion that 2nd amendment advocates are a strong voting block which should band together to vote for him rather than Hillary.

Of course the blathering media chooses not to see it this way and becomes riotous in their condemnation of Trump. They are taking every opportunity to excoriate Trump and anyone on the right side of the isle when they give the leftists a total pass.  How do we know this?  Consider the words of Obama and Hillary themselves of which I was reminded by Gary Bauer...

In 2008, then-candidate Obama urged his supporters to "argue with neighbors, get in their faces," and the media yawned. Obama also said, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." When conservatives suggested such rhetoric might encourage violence, Obama and the media laughed it off. End of story from the fawning media.

Now here's a far more interesting comparison. In May of 2008, at a time when Hillary was losing the Democrat primary to Obama and facing increasing calls to bow out of the race, she was asked why she insisted on staying in. She said, "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

Was she suggesting that she might benefit from Barack Obama's assassination? Of course not, and the media moved on.

Yet Trump, innocently makes the suggestion that 2nd amendment supporters are a strong voting block and should band together and he gets castigated.  They make no mention of his economic plan which is sound and will greatly help increase the GDP, bring capital back into the country, bring manufacturing back to the US and help return the large block of workers who have left the labor force back into the ranks of the employed.  Hillary on the other hand, actually makes the declarative statement that she is going to raise taxes, not only on the wealthy, but in her own words, "on the middle class".  Hear the media taking her to task for this?  Hear the media hammering her on her outright lie that Director Comey found her to be truthful?  Do we hear anything from the media about how the absolutely wrong statements by Obama and Hillary about how well the economy is doing when we continue to suffer through the worst recession recovery in our lifetimes?  NO, all we hear is the media going on and on about what they perceive Trump to have meant by a single statement.
Do we hear any comparisons from the media between the rally's Trump holds which are not only packed, but place speakers outside the halls so the overflow crowd can listen as well while the Hillary rally's are so poorly populated that many are cancelled?  Not a peep.

I will be the first to admit that this election cycle has sunk to the point that both candidates are completely flawed, but it really burns me as I watch how one side is being so over scrutinized while the other side is getting a total pass by what is supposed to be a "neutral" media.

This is a campaign which will boil down to which flawed candidate has the best interests of America at heart and which of the candidates has the greatest ability to reform and lead the country out of the economic doldrums of the Obama policies.  Regardless of which you think will do the best job, your decision should NOT be based on the parsed editorials of a transparently biased media which believes they can spoon feed their bias to an uneducated public.  Rise up America and do the research so you can think for yourself.

Friday, January 8, 2016

American Thinker on Trump

Ok, read and digest the entire article then respond please. My reaction is that the writer is on target but does not consider the alternative. Assume either Hillary or Bernie is the Democrat nominee, Would the country be better off with either of them or Trump in the WH?
I posit that Trump will be the better choice because he at least will make the attempt to negotiate a reduction in the budget, cut back on the amnesty programs and protect our borders.
Consider Reagan a bit more than the author, He came into office with what many considered to be radical ideas they didn't like, but everyone knew one overriding character trait about him -- He was a true Patriotic believer in America. He turned out to be too compromising (at least from my perspective) on domestic policies and destroyed entire business segments with is 1986 tax code revamp, but we all still knew he had the best of American values at heart. I see Trump in a similar fashion. He has the best of American values as his overriding influence and that is well and above the value system espoused by either Hillary or Bernie.
Head to head, I'll push the lever for Trump over either of the Democrats every chance I get.